WWE Facing WrestleMania Lawsuit Over Alleged Fan Injury

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WWE is fighting several legal battles at the moment and now the company has one more to face as a fan who attended WrestleMania 38 launches a lawsuit against the company.

Ever since it emerged that Vince McMahon had strong-armed his way back onto WWE’s Board of Directors in early 2023, several lawsuits have been launched against the company. Some have accused McMahon and the company of breaching their fiduciary responsibilities while one points to the “horrifying allegations” made against McMahon.

The company also recently had an antitrust lawsuit brought against it by Major League Wrestling dismissed while another suit is going to trial over someone who is suing WWE over injuries, both physical and mental/emotional, caused by a traffic incident involving an independent contractor working for WWE.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has now reported that a fan who attended WrestleMania 38 in 2022 has launched legal proceedings against the company with a lawsuit alleging that they suffered an injury while watching the show:

“On or about April 3, 2022, Plaintiff attended WrestleMania 38 which was hosted by Defendant and located at AT&T Stadium, 1 AT&T Way, Arlington, Texas 76011.

“Plaintiff was an invitee on the premises. Defendant was the occupier of the premises.

“Plaintiff was seated next to the stage at the venue. When performance began, pyrotechnics went off. The blast from the pyrotechnics was so loud that it caused Plaintiff to
lose almost all hearing in his left ear.”

“No facts suggest that anything Plaintiff did or failed to do in any way caused or contributed to the incident or resulting damages.

“Defendant failed to notify anyone or place any warnings to warn of the existence of the dangers associated with pyrotechnics.

“As a result of the incident, Plaintiff suffered serious injuries.”

The lawsuit accuses WWE specifically of Negligence, Gross Negligence as well as Strict Liability and states that the plaintiff was injured because of the “objective, extreme risk that Defendant was subjectively aware of yet disregarded for cosmetic effect and pecuniary gain.”

The lawsuit was filed in Texas where WrestleMania 38 was held and requests a jury trial and monetary relief of over one million dollars. WWE responded to the lawsuit on the 17th of February to request that it be moved to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division but a ruling has not been given on that. WWE has made no other statement on the lawsuit as of yet.