WWE Lawsuit Going To Trial

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WWE is being taken over an incident that took place almost four years ago.

WWE has been involved in a multitude of lawsuits recently. Most of the news surrounding these suits has centered on Vince McMahon, who faces several lawsuits aimed directly at himself for both his return last month and the actions that led to his original departure in the summer of 2022.

However, Vince the individual isn’t the only target of legal action in WWE. Back in November, the company was involved in a lawsuit involving Randy Orton, the tattoos on his body, and the legal rights to use said body art. WWE lost that case but has filed for appeal.

Now, WWE can add another legal issue to their growing list of grievances as an individual named Jackson Parsons will be taking the company to court starting on February 27th.

According to court documents obtained by PWInsider, Mr. Parsons is suing WWE over injuries, both physical and mental/emotional, caused by a traffic incident involving an independent contractor working for WWE.

Back in July 2019, a traffic incident occurred when this employee, who was driving a van, hit Mr. Parsons, who was riding his bicycle. The injuries he sustained in the accident required him to undergo ankle surgery immediately afterwards.

Mr. Parson is claiming that, as a result of the accident caused by the independent contractor, he has “suffered physical injuries, pain-and-suffering, disability and the inability and loss of the capacity to lead and enjoy a normal life, inconvenience, disfigurement, scarring and mental anguish”.

He is also claiming that this injury has caused him a loss of both current earnings and the capacity for future earnings.

In terms of dollar value on this lawsuit, the company has already released a statement noting that

“Parsons stated he had lost the quality of life he was looking for when he moved to Florida, and past medical expenses stemming from the accident are already $171,430.38. He also cited a loss of past and future earnings at $75,036.00–$100,048.00. He also projected his future medical expenses in the amount of $314,850.00.

Parsons wants $76,500.00 for pain and suffering, mental anguish and inconvenience, and $401,500 for future pain and suffering.”

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