Released WWE Stars Pitched Storyline With Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes

Two WWE superstars that were released recently shared a storyline idea they had with Cody Rhodes.

There were several WWE superstars that were released on Thursday, September 21 including the likes of Dolph Ziggler, who spent nearly 20 years in WWE and Shelton Benjamin, who had multiple stints in the company going back more than 20 years. Dana Brooke was also released after about a decade in WWE.

The Maximum Male Models tag team of Mace & Mansoor were also part of the releases since they weren’t featured much on WWE television over the last few months.

Mansoor went on social media to post a funny reply (with his baby) to his release while commenting that he’ll be free to take new bookings on December 20th. That’s because there’s a 90-day no-compete clause that are part of the contracts.

Mace was signed to a WWE contract in 2016 after being a former football player. He was in a number of different roles in the company including an announcer, he was part of the failed Retribution stable and then part of the MMM tag team.

Mansoor had a storyline idea involving Cody Rhodes

On Mace’s Twitch channel, he was joined by Mansoor to talk about their WWE careers. While both men didn’t have many negative things to say, they also were in the mood to share some stories.

At one point Mansoor revealed he did a pitch to have Cody Rhodes “break his face” leading to Mansoor wearing a mask and having more of an edge to him.

“One of the ideas we had in Maximum Male Models. This almost happened, not this angle, but we did almost work with Cody Rhodes. I wanted him to hit me with the Cross Rhodes and it would break my nose. Then, I could do Undashing.”

“I wanted to wear the mask like him and do the angle where I thought I was the ugliest person in the world and a horribly disfigured mutant. Everyone kept saying, ‘we want Male Models to have more edge. We need more aggressive and vicious. What can we do?’ I kept saying, ‘Break my nose. I’m this vicious goblin.'”

The “Undashing” that Mansoor mentioned is something Cody Rhodes did in 2011. It led to a more serious Cody character that would lead to him becoming Intercontinental Champion and have a different persona than what he had earlier in his career. Sadly, Mansoor never got to do his version of it.

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