Cody Rhodes On What He Wants His Legacy To Be In Pro Wrestling

cody rhodes celebrate summerslam

Cody Rhodes has revealed how he wants to be remembered when all has been said and done in his wrestling career.

Rhodes’ wrestling journey has been one of the most unique and inspiring in modern memory. Following frustrations in WWE in 2016, the man once known as Stardust requested that he be released from his contract, which was granted by the company. Rhodes would state that creative frustrations were what led to making the decision.

What followed was a series of matches all over the world for various promotions including IMPACT, Ring of Honor and New Japan, culminating in the creation of the second-biggest wrestling promotion in the United States, All Elite Wrestling.

Being pivotal in establishing AEW as a major promotion, Rhodes would serve in an Executive Vice President role for three years before returning to WWE and being presented as one of the company’s top babyfaces.

Still yet to complete the story, how does The American Nightmare want to be remembered when the final chapter is written? Taking part in an AMA on Reddit, Rhodes let the fans know what he hopes his legacy will be:

The one in my generation who did the absolute most at moving our game into the stratosphere of mainstream entertainment! A lot of the “left turns” and big gambles I have taken were for that very purpose. The healthiest wrestling and sports entertainment have ever been is now. Let’s keep going!

Cody Rhodes Only Wants One WWE Championship

Making the return to WWE at WrestleMania 38, Rhodes has stated that his main goal is to win the World Championship that his father never did and to truly finish the story. However, with there now being two World Championships to go after, Rhodes has revealed that the World Heavyweight Championship is not the title he is chasing.

Acknowledging the later stages of his career, Rhodes has expressed fears for the future.