Cody Rhodes Reveals “The Fear” He Feels For His Future

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has admitted that there is a fear that this feeling of positivity will go away in the near future.

Rhodes has had one of the best return runs in recent memory. Beginning with the surprise return at WrestleMania, Rhodes has been presented as a top star in WWE right from that day, quickly establishing himself after 3 consecutive victories over Seth Rollins.

With the injury at Hell in a Cell looking to halt the momentum, Rhodes returned stronger than ever at the Royal Rumble. Continuing to defy expectations, The American Nightmare still remains the top babyface on Raw despite losing the main event at WrestleMania 39 in a match that many felt should have been the crowning moment.

Speaking with The Pulse, Rhodes has admitted that he has had multiple standout moments in WWE since the return, but did take some time to appreciate being able to main event WrestleMania:

“I’ve had moments. I do try to stay really present. And I have to kind of credit my wife. We’ve had these moments where it’s hit me that, we for example, you mentioned headlining WrestleMania. That’s the hardest thing to do. In the whole sports entertainment wrestling game is even getting that match. I mean, it’s THE match “Two nights of WrestleMania going into now WrestleMania 40, celebrating 40 years of WWE. That’s the one that I really felt like that’s a great feather in my cap and I did try to celebrate that one.”

On top of being put in multiple main event matches, Rhodes has consistently been one of the top merchandise sellers in the company, another sign that his popularity is not fading. Continuing the interview, Rhodes has expressed concerns when it all starts to slow down:

“I did try to be present with it but also the fear. This is like the high we get from being in front of all these fans and the excitement. Like you mentioned selling all this merchandise. The fear is I don’t want it to end. you never want the party to end.”

Cody Rhodes Comments On AEW All In

Rhodes was recently part of a Reddit AMA that was presented by Peacock. Among the topics that were asked of the Royal Rumble winner, one fan asked if Rhodes would be watching AEW’s All In show. Rhodes responded that he would be busy but wished everyone who works for the company the best of luck.

Being one of the organisers of the first All In show, one top star has revealed why they were not on the 2018 card.

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