WWE Star Slams Company For Wasting Their Momentum

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One WWE star is not happy with creative and calls one major match they were in “sh*t.”

Sheamus was a man reborn in WWE in 2022 following a blockbuster Intercontinental Title match with GUNTHER at Clash at the Castle which stole the show and led to the Irish star receiving a standing ovation from the 60,000 fans packed into the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

Following that, the former WWE Champion found himself as part of WarGames at that year’s Survivor Series but his Brawling Brutes team was playing second fiddle to The Bloodline storyline which saw Sami Zayn affirm his commitment to Roman Reigns – for another two months at least.

Sheamus had a standout performance again in the men’s Royal Rumble but he was unable to dethrone GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Title again against GUNTHER at WrestleMania 39 in a triple threat match that also involved Drew McIntyre.

WWE WarGames was “sh*t” says Sheamus

Speaking to the Daily Star, Sheamus reflected on how he felt after his Clash at the Castle classic and says he wasn’t upset about losing the bout but was very unhappy with what came next for him in WWE:

“I’m not upset about that at all. I felt it was great, it was just the type of character Sheamus is, all fists and elbows. What I was upset about and what really bothered me was the creative after that. I came out of that with so much organic momentum, and it was just wasted. It didn’t go anywhere.

“It was a dead end, just like with WrestleMania. Drew went away because he was injured, but I was ready to go, and then just nothing. There were no avenues and nowhere to go and that’s frustrating. I did the WarGames thing (after Clash at the Castle) but that was sh*t – that’s how I felt, though others might have felt differently.”

Sheamus seems to have taken issue with the booming popularity of LA Knight in recent weeks and the two stars will clash on SmackDown one night before they are both a part of a battle royal at SummerSlam.