Roman Reigns On The Bloodline – “You Think My Family Delivers The Mail?”

Roman Reigns WWE

Roman Reigns believes that The Bloodline still run the wrestling business.

The Head of the Table has been in the middle of a civil war on SmackDown, with The Usos breaking away from the group and handing Reigns his first pinfall loss since 2019. The next stage of the hostilities will be seen at SummerSlam, as Reigns defends both the championship and the right to be called Tribal Chief against Jey Uso.

While promoting the upcoming match, The Tribal Chief was asked about his unique way of handling family business while appearing as a guest on ESPN’s First Take.

When asked how beating up Jey Uso is helping the family, Reigns responded by stating that the beating will be necessary, and that his family as at the head of the sports entertainment industry:

You think my family delivers the mail? You think we’re part of, you know, the ballet or something? No, we run the world of professional wrestling, sports entertainment. Sometimes you gotta have a little tough love, we’re dealing with b’s now. Billions. This is a huge industry of major business decisions [that] happen every single week. If they’re not up to par, then they need to get smacked around a little bit. That’s the way I look at it.

How Long Has Roman Reigns Been WWE Champion?

Reigns first captured the Universal Championship at the Payback Premium Live Event on August 30th 2020. When the SummerSlam match takes place, Roman Reigns will have held the top prize in WWE for 1069 days. At WrestleMania 38, The Tribal Chief would slay The Beast Brock Lesnar once again to add the WWE Championship to his collection, and has reigned with both titles ever since, being officially recognised as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

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