WWE SmackDown Star Guest Refereed NXT Title Match

WWE SmackDown set

LA Knight made the trip from SmackDown to NXT on October 10th.

In a string of appearances from the main roster, The Megastar officiated an NXT Championship match between title holder Ilja Dragunov and challenger Dominik Mysterio. The match and special referee were made official by Cody Rhodes, who served as special guest General Manager for one night only.

As fans are aware, The Judgment Day never travels alone. Rhea Ripley was at ringside to frequently attempt to distract Knight, but Mysterio could not overpower The Mad Dragon. “Dirty” Dom hit a 619 but Dragunov kicked out at the last second.

The closing moments of the match saw the waves of interference begin with Finn Balor running to ringside. However, Knight was having none of it, taking out Balor before he had a chance to get involved. JD McDonagh also tried to get involved but was hit with a Blunt Force Trauma for his troubles. Just as it looked like Mami would have to finish the job, Trick Williams neutralised the final threat, allowing Dragunov to pin Mysterio and walk out with the championship.

LA Knight Set For Major WWE Match

While LA Knight enjoyed his time as referee on WWE NXT it will be back to business as usual on SmackDown, which will follow on from Fastlane where Knight and John Cena defeated Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. Roman Reigns is set to return to SmackDown to build to a match at Crown Jewel, it looks likely that Knight could be next in line as Cena is reportedly not in line for a future title opportunity.