WWE Now Selling Merch Referencing Booking Criticism

WWE Triple H

WWE is attempting to make lemonade after recent criticism.

Booking decisions were recently in the firing line in WWE after the company pulled Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus from SummerSlam despite being in a feud with each other for several months. The decision was said to have been made to give both women the time they needed for their blowoff match but it didn’t go down well with fans or the stars involved.

Becky Lynch took to social media over SummerSlam weekend to reveal her plans – with her tongue firmly in her cheek – as she told her followers that she was “Making lemonade with all these lemons I’ve been given.” The theme stuck recently with Lynch sipping on the refreshing beverage while watching Stratus’ protege Zoey Stark get defeated by Shayna Baszler on Raw.

Becky Lynch and WWE enter the fruit market

Now things have gone one step further with WWE now selling a Becky Lynch t-shirt that features a giant lemon on the front.

Becky Lynch is far from the only wrestling star to incorporate a fruit theme into her merchandise. During his spell in the company, Carlito had a t-shirt that featured his trademark apple while AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy has featured his fruit counterpart on merch.

AEW’s Anna Jay caused a stir when the company released a t-shirt for her featuring a peach to represent a certain part of her anatomy to go along with her bad attitude.