WWE Hall Of Famer Thinks Dolph Ziggler Could Be AEW Bound

Dolph Ziggler

A WWE Hall of Famer is making a bold prediction about Dolph Ziggler’s career trajectory in professional wrestling.

Out of the twenty wrestlers released last week following the WWE/UFC merger, Dolph Ziggler was perhaps the most decorated of them all. Ziggler spent the entirety of his eighteen-year wrestling career under the WWE banner, either on the main roster or in one of its early developmental territories like Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW).

In that time Ziggler has won many titles and accolades, including three tag team title reigns, six reigns as Intercontinental Champion, two reigns as United States Champion, two reigns as World Heavyweight Champion, and one reign as NXT Champion.

But now that he is gone from WWE, many have wondered where the 43-year-old will go next. Well according to Eric Bischoff, the answer seems clear: AEW

Eric Bischoff predicts Dolph Ziggler will join his brother in AEW

Speaking on his Strictly business podcast, Bischoff theorized that Dolph Ziggler will join AEW mainly because his brother works there, and Ryan Nemeth has already appeared on AEW affiliate program Being The Elite on several occasions.

“Out of the entire list of everybody that we’ve discussed, if there’s one that I see making that move more than anybody else, it’s Dolph, because his brother’s there and that would be fun.

I think that’s probably going to motivate Dolph more than anything else at this point. He doesn’t need the money. My guess, I don’t know what he’s done with his money, but he seems to be a very smart guy.

He’s going to pursue what makes him happy, and I think probably working with his brother would make him happy. So that’d be my bet, is that if there’s any one of those people that are going to go to AEW, it would be him.”

h/t WrestlingInc.