WWE Hall Of Famer Describes Matt Riddle As A “Liability”

Matt Riddle WWE

Booker T believes that the writing was on the wall for Matt Riddle.

Riddle announced that he was no longer a part of the company on September 22nd, being the last main roster name announcing their departure from the company. It was later reported that The Orignal Bro “burned through too many chances” so was therefore released.

Booker T commented on Riddle’s departure on the Hall of Fame podcast. The 6-Time World Champion stated that Riddle’s behaviour was only going to be put up with for so long and that the company could not risk another public incident:

“We were just talking about Riddle and what did I say that day? I said that’s only going to be tolerated so much. I think I said something like that. You know, you can get away with that kind of stuff only for so long. It catches up with you because then you become a liability. You don’t want people in the news for negative reasons. That’s the last thing you want. The last thing you need is having someone in the news for negative purposes.”

Why Was Matt Riddle Released by WWE?

The former United States Champion was not seen at Raw for multiple weeks prior to his release. Upon returning from the Superstar Spectacle in India, Riddle alleged that he was sexually assaulted at JFK Airport in New York City. An investigation was launched but ultimately found that the alleged events did not take place. It was also noted that law enforcement was alerted of Riddle’s behaviour as he was disembarking the aircraft.

H/t to Wrestling News