Booker T Praises “True Legend” Trish Stratus

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Booker T is over the moon for Trish Stratus and what she has done in WWE.

Stratus made several one-off appearances over the years after her first run ended in 2006, but there was something special in what she’s been doing since coming back in 2022.

Many fans have noticed that Stratus is in incredibly good shape for a 47-year-old part-time wrestler. Additionally, she has gotten a lot of positive feedback for her matches, especially the cage match she had with Becky Lynch at WWE Payback.

All of her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed as her fellow WWE Hall of Famer Booker T sang her praises on a recent episode of his podcast.

“Trish Stratus definitely shined big time. Becky rocked it. They went out and they told a great story. They took you on that roller coaster ride that I love about this business so much — the story.

The wrestling is an intricate detail, but the stories, man … These ladies, they went out there and they tore the house down. Talk about bruised, battered, and torn, Trish Stratus, none of those bruises were fake.

That was real, man. It just shows me her heart, and how much she really still loved this business. 2013, we went in the Hall of Fame together, and [she’s] truly, truly a legend, and Hall of Famer.”

How long has Trish Stratus been around WWE?

Trish Stratus’ first run in WWE saw her go from being a manager for Test & Albert, to sharing segments with Vince McMahon, to defending the WWE Women’s Championship.

After retiring in 2006, Stratus spent the better part of the next fifteen years making sporadic appearances, usually on special anniversary shows, commemorative episodes, in Royal Rumble matches, and at WrestleManias.

After her cage match with Becky Lynch ended, she berated her protégé Zoey Stark, only for Stark to turn on her as well. Stratus’ status in WWE going forward remains unknown.

h/t WrestlingInc.