WWE Fans Rage Over “Worst Ever Raw”

Cody Rhodes & Brock Lesnar on WWE Raw

After the spectacle which is WrestleMania, the WWE faithful were less than impressed with the offerings on Monday Night Raw.

It was an extremely tumultuous day for the WWE. It was announced just hours before the 3rd April 2023 edition of Monday Night Raw that the company had been purchased by Endeavor, bringing it under the same banner as UFC. Further to this, Vince McMahon was announced to be the Executive Chairman of the new publicly listed company.

With McMahon seemingly now back in charge of the company’s creative direction, Chief Content Officer Triple H opened the show by trying to reassure fans that WWE “isn’t going anywhere”. However, the rest of the show didn’t live up to the billing which is usually expected the night after ‘The Showcase Of The Immortals’.

Despite the return of Matt Riddle to the company, many fans were left frustrated by the lack of surprises which tend to come on that night. In addition to that, there were very few female performers involved, with one star seemingly cut at the last minute.

The event ended with Brock Lesnar turning on Cody Rhodes, leaving him laying with an F5 to the steel steps.

It has been reported by that the event has so far received the worst rating in the history of Monday Night Raw. The mood backstage certainly won’t be helped by the news, which has apparently been severely affected by the news that Vince McMahon is back in charge.