Vince McMahon “Firmly Back In Charge” Of WWE

Vince McMahon WWE

Triple H has been lauded for his creative direction of WWE since taking over as Chief Content Officer following Vince McMahon’s retirement in July 2022, but now it looks like McMahon is once again running the show.

PWInsider has reported that Vince McMahon was “personally and heavily involved” with the Monday Night Raw show in Los Angeles according to many sources.

It was noted that shortly before Raw went live, several late re-writes of the show took place that were said to not have the “feeling” of the sort of changes that WWE stars and staff had come to expect under the direction of Triple H. McMahon is said to have directly continued making changes while the show was on air and that he had his own office once again backstage.

The report continues by revealing that Vince McMahon became more involved as the “point person running the show” as Raw went on but Triple H had begun the night on headsets running things. McMahon was said to be directly overseeing proceedings from the Gorilla position. There was said to be no doubt from several sources that Vince McMahon was “firmly back in charge.”

That comes just one day after Vince McMahon, in an interview on CNBC, noted that he’d be involved in WWE creative following the sale to Endeavor “on a higher level” but wouldn’t be “in the weeds.” McMahon also told WWE staff in a message following the sale that Triple H would continue as the company’s “chief content executive” but didn’t refer to him by his CCO title.