Vince McMahon Confirms Triple H’s Role In WWE After Sale

Vince McMahon Triple H

The sale of WWE has been the subject of intense speculation in recent months following Vince McMahon strong-arming his way back onto the company’s Board of Directors.

Now Endeavor has announced a $21 billion deal that will see WWE and UFC become part of the same company, changing the face of professional wrestling and combat sports in one fell swoop.

Vince McMahon will become Executive Chairman of the new parent company of both iconic brands while WWE CEO Nick Khan will become WWE President in the same manner that Dana White remains President of UFC.

While touting the deal to the media, McMahon confirmed that he will have some involvement in WWE creative going forward, albeit “on a higher level” with many fans wondering what the future holds for Chief Content Officer Triple H.

John Pollock of POST Wrestling has reported that Vince McMahon sent an email to WWE staff following news of the sale breaking and confirmed that “Paul Levesque (Triple H) will remain WWE’s chief content executive.”

Vince McMahon had been backstage at WrestleMania 39 and reports suggested McMahon had been heard on headsets early on in the show offering feedback and asking questions leading to many fans wondering about his creative influence before a sale was announced.