WWE Creative Plans Undergo Significant Changes

Vince McMahon Triple H WWE

With speculation running wild over who is really running creative in WWE, a new report has noted that plans in the company seem to be very different from what was intended a few months ago.

WrestleVotes reported that plans that were in place before WrestleMania 39 have changed to the point that the outcome for some stars is very different from what was originally considered:

“Interesting tidbit: source says a number of creative decisions & ideas planned prior to WrestleMania have not gone the way some envisioned. Not to say for better or worse, but the direction for some superstars is far different than what had been internally discussed.”

The big talking point coming out of WrestleMania was the fact that Roman Reigns’ enduring title reign continued as he stopped Cody Rhodes from finishing his story by capturing the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship in heartbreaking fashion.

The subject of creative decision-making in WWE has come into sharp focus ever since Vince McMahon returned to the company in early 2023 with the Executive Chairman described as being “firmly back in charge” of creative on the Raw after WrestleMania.

Triple H has continued running most shows in his role as Chief Content Officer but The Game was recently absent from an episode of SmackDown, leaving someone else to run the show.