Triple H Missing From Recent SmackDown

Triple H At WWE Gorilla Position

The subject of who is running shows in WWE has been a hot topic ever since Vince McMahon returned to the company leaving some uncertainty over Triple H’s grip on creative.

Triple H became the point man for WWE’s shows when Vince McMahon retired from the company in July 2022. Prior to that, The Game had run shows for NXT for years, assisted latterly by his longtime friend and tag team partner Shawn Michaels.

When McMahon forced his way back into the company in early 2023, many had wondered how long it would be before McMahon retook full control. It seemed everyone had the answer to that following WrestleMania 39 with McMahon said to be “firmly back in charge” of the Raw which took place on the same day that the takeover of WWE by Endeavor was announced.

However, McMahon has not been present at many shows since with Triple H left to lead things while Raw and SmackDown are on the air. PWInsider Elite has reported, however, that the Chief Content Officer was not present for SmackDown in Knoxville, Tennessee with no reason given for his absence. However, Vince McMahon was not there to step in for his son-in-law so it was left to Bruce Prichard to run the taping.

Whether or not Triple H is back in Gorilla for Raw in Greensboro, North Carolina remains to be seen.