WWE Champion Cleared To Compete

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One WWE champion has been cleared to compete in the ring once again.

On the September 4th episode Adam Pearce was heard saying that WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Piper Niven was not cleared to compete. The statement by Pearce gave unwanted flashbacks to fans who feared that once again the titles looked to be at risk of being relinquished.

However, it was soon reported by Fightful Select that Niven was suffering from an illness rather than an injury and was expected to return to the ring sooner rather than later.

On the 11th of September edition of Raw, Niven’s tag team partner Chelsea Green found herself where she didn’t want to be backstage – face-to-face with Shayna Baszler as Baszler took exception to Green calling them peers. This led to Piper Niven appearing out of nowhere to take her title belt back from Green as the Canadian star found herself having to take on Baszler later in the night.

Shayna Baszler continued her strong run in WWE as she defeated Green but was soon taken out by Piper Niven. That brought out Zoey Stark who had teased a partnership with Baszler the prior week and she took out Niven.

The Curse Of The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

The titles have been a victim of bad luck during their very short history in the company. Multiple vacations have been seen due to injuries or walkouts, resulting in last-minute rewrites to figure out who will be champion next. Most recently, Chelsea Green looked to be the latest victim of the curse as her title-winning partner Sonya Deville has been sidelined until further notice with an ACL injury.

Green was desperate to keep hold of the championships, which were her first title wins in WWE. Following an entertaining and extensive search on social media, Niven demanded that she be Green’s partner, snatching one of the titles off of Chelsea Green. It was later announced that while Niven’s method was unorthodox, Niven would be recognised as the new champion moving forward.