Chelsea Green Finds New Women’s Tag Team Championship Partner

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green found a new tag team partner and co-champion on the August 14th episode of RAW without ever getting in the ring.

In one of the earlier segments on RAW, Green found herself talking with Adam Pearce about the fate of her women’s tag team championships. With Sonya Deville out indefinitely due to an injury, Pearce was about to make a formal and official decision about those title when Green began protesting.

Frustrated, Pearce asked Green what she would do if she were in his shoes, to which Green replied that she’s host auditions for a new co-champion, America’s Got Talent-style.

However, Green never got that far.

Chelsea Green’s new co-tag team champion was chosen for her on RAW

As Green began visualizing what her audition show would look like, she and Pearce were interrupted by Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro, who issued a challenged for the titles once Green had a partner. But before anything else could happen, Piper Niven appeared from behind and attacked Carter and Catanzaro.

Niven then got in Green’s face and declared herself her new partner and new co-women’s Tag Team Champion. Green seemed hesitant at first and tried to insist on holding auditions, but Niven yanked one of the tag title belts from Green’s shoulder and walked off.

Niven, formerly known as Doudrop, hasn’t been seen on WWE programming in months, with her last televised being a #1 contender’s triple threat match that also involved IYO SKY and “Michin” Mia Yim.

The buss created from the audition process of “Chelsea’s Got Talent” has said to have impressed higher-ups in the company.