WWE Happy With Raw Star’s Recent “Buzz”

WWE Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green has impressed WWE higher-ups.

As reported by Fightful Select, Green has created a lot of interest around her “Chelsea’s Got Talent” vignettes that were posted on social media, which company officials are very happy with.

Following the news that championship-winning partner Sonya Deville is out with an injury for a number of months, Green had a choice to make, either find a new partner to defend the titles with or risk relinquishing the gold.

First spoken into existence on After The Bell, the Women’s Tag Team Champion declared that she would be holding auditions to replace Deville. Green was then inundated on social media with requests from fans and Superstars to be the first-ever winner of “Chelsea’s Got Talent.” Notable names that submitted videos included R-Truth, Mick Foley and legend of women’s wrestling La Luchadora.

Who Is Chelsea Green’s New Tag Team Partner?

Having not made a decision on the August 14th episode of Raw, an upset Chelsea Green was seen with Adam Pearce backstage. Pearce was about to announce that the titles would be vacated, but an unlikely hero came to the rescue in the form of Piper Niven, who declared that she would be the new partner.

Despite Green protesting at first, Niven insisted that she hold one of the titles. Later on social media, the Women’s Tag Team Champion would declare that the search is over, and she knew that Niven would win right from the moment that she saw her.

WWE would later make the change on their roster page, acknowledging that Green and Piper Niven are the new champions and that Niven’s process was allowed.