Chelsea Green Comments On Her New Tag Team Partner

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green has questioned if the method used by her tag team partner to win the title is permitted.

As seen on the August 14th episode of WWE Raw, Green was about to be stripped of the championships by Adam Pearce, but the champ did not want her first reign to end this way.

Following further arguments with Pearce, Piper Niven would burst into the office and declare that she would be Green’s new partner, snatching one of the titles away. Green would at first protest, but Niven insisted.

Taking to social media, the Women’s Tag Team Champion questioned if the method used by Niven was legitimate, preferring her new partner to audition:

Are we sure this is allowed?? I really think she should have put her name & number on the #ChelseasGotTalent signup sheets but okay.

In further updates, Green has congratulated Niven, stating that she knew that the former 24/7 Champion would win Chelsea’s Got Talent from the moment that she saw her.

Why Did Chelsea Green Need A New Tag Team Partner?

Green won the Women’s Tag Team Championships alongside Sonya Deville. However, in a match on SmackDown in July, Deville would suffer an injury that was diagnosed as a torn ACL. Deville would confirm the news on her own social media, joking that the titles are “cursed.” The former champion will be out of action for a number of months, meaning that any retentions alongside Green would not be a possibility.

No stranger to injuries herself, Green has revealed that after multiple knocks early in her career, there was a point where she questioned if wrestling was a career path that she wanted to follow.