“Vince McMahon Is Back” In WWE Following Medical Leave

Vince McMahon WWE

Vince McMahon is back to work following a spell on the sidelines.

The Chairman of the Board recently underwent life-altering spinal surgery and is on medical leave from WWE. The news of the surgery was first reported by TMZ, with the news surprising many in the company as they found out about the procedure at the same time as everybody else. Following the operation, McMahon had been on medical leave but now ahead of the takeover by Endeavor, he’s back to work

Fightful Select reported that changes had been made at the last minute to Monday Night Raw and on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer elaborated on what may have lay behind them saying that in addition to Paul Levesque switching things up, so was Vince McMahon:

“Vince McMahon is back. He made multiple changes to the show tonight. There were also multiple changes made by [Paul] Levesque at the last minute. So if the show was – a lot of stuff wasn’t advertised on the show, most of it, and the reason is they were changing all day long.

“But Vince is back, Vince made significant changes to the show and I don’t know what the changes were, all I heard was they were probably changes for the better but there were many of them. But Vince is back from his surgery leave, he was not in the chair, he was not [at the show], but he was involved in the production of the show.”

What does the future hold for Vince McMahon in WWE?

Meltzer then addressed the future of Vince McMahon in WWE following the takeover by Endeavor being finalised and says he believes McMahon’s power is about to be consolidated in a big way:

“Going forward, he’s the guy, he’s the Chairman, and he’s running the wrestling company. I know there’s the whole thing of he’s second in command to Ari Emanuel but when it comes to wrestling Ari Emanuel is very willing to say ‘I don’t know wrestling, he knows wrestling.’ So it’s Vince’s baby when it comes to the creative end, it’s Vince’s baby when it comes to decision-making on the company and all that.

“Ari Emanuel, Nick Khan, and Mark Shapiro are the guys that are gonna be handling the TV negotiations, that they will do and even then Vince will have power to a degree over that but that will be – it’s a pretty heavy crew of people when you’ve got Ari and Nick Khan on this next round of negotiations.”

The final Monday Night Raw under the ownership of Vince McMahon saw a big surprise at the end of the night as Nia Jax returned to the company taking out both Raquel Rodriguez and Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.

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