Update On Vince McMahon Undergoing “Life Altering” Surgery

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon recently underwent a newar five-hour operation.

Vince McMahon might not have been seen on WWE screens in quite some time but the Executive Chairman is believed to be the man with overall control in the company since resuming power in early 2023.

However, McMahon might be out of commission for a while as TMZ reported that he recently underwent serious spinal surgery:

“Vince McMahon underwent major surgery last week to fix an issue with his spine, TMZ Sports has learned.

“Sources close to the WWE honcho tell us the procedure lasted over four hours. It was, however, deemed a success … and the 77-year-old is now recovering.”

Fightful Select has offered an update on the situation with the surgery said to have stopped Vince McMahon from working on SmackDown or Raw. The operation was said to have lasted almost five hours with a source close to him calling it a “major, life altering operation.”

There was no answer on whether the surgery would have an impact on Vince McMahon’s work with the company moving forward. Several talents are said to have not heard about McMahon’s operation until the news was made public.

Is Vince McMahon running WWE?

Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE in July 2022 amid ongoing scandals related to allegations of sexual misconduct and hush money payments made to former company employees. Triple H took over the creative running of the company in McMahon’s absence with Stephanie McMahon being named as Chairwoman to replace her father.

However, it was all change again at the beginning of 2023 as McMahon used his leverage as majority shareholder to force his way back onto the Board of Directors before being appointed Executive Chairman – this led to Stephanie McMahon’s resignation from the company.

Since then, McMahon seems to have resumed overall control of the creative strategy of WWE, making changes to shows despite not being in attendance at many. McMahon’s power seemed to be consolidated when it was announced Endeavor is taking over WWE with Endeavor CEO Ari Emmanuel saying he didn’t want to let Vince McMahon simply walk away from the wrestling business.