Cody Rhodes Reveals Stephanie McMahon’s Wise Advice

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has revealed the advice he received from another multi-generational wrestling star of a different kind, former WWE Chairperson Stephanie McMahon.

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE amid much fanfare in the spring of 2022 as he re-debuted for the company at WrestleMania 38. Since then the company has been on a rollercoaster with Vince McMahon retiring just a few months after Rhodes’ return and Stephanie McMahon assuming her father’s role in the company.

Things changed again a few days into 2023 with Vince McMahon forcing his way back onto the Board of Directors before being appointed Executive Chairman. This led to Stephanie McMahon resigning from her role and walking away from WWE.

One man who knows what it’s like to have their father working in the same business as them is Cody Rhodes whose father WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes cast a large shadow following his own illustrious in-ring career.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Cody Rhodes explained why after being so against it for much of his run in AEW, he began referencing Dusty Rhodes in storylines once again:

“Yeah, I was okay. I was definitely okay with it. I got to the point where at the end of my run with AEW and the beginning of my run with WWE, where I was really big on leaning in, like I’ve been leaning out for so long, I’ve been leaning out. Okay, there’s they’re starting to boo here. And you’re kind of split, Let’s lean into it. Let’s stir it up.

“When I came back, and the story was a real story, that is actually what I talked to Vince [McMahon] and Bruce [Prichard] about in that meeting was, hey, here’s the WWWF title, I have it. Dan Lambert gave it to me. This is the whole reason I wanted to be in the business, this physical piece of [history] this thing right here, this belt, this championship belt. So I was fine with leaning in.

“Because it feels like it’s now or never, in a sense, it’s now or never that there’s things you have to earn. And when you’re someone’s kid, and you’re second generation, third generation, you have them all at your disposal from the beginning. But there’s a difference from when you use them at the beginning and when you’ve earned them. And I felt like I’d earned them.

“I remember Stephanie McMahon said this. She said use everything, use everything you have. And there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to use everything. Oh WrestleMania, the main event, essentially getting elected president is getting that match, the final match, like use it all, use everything you have and leave no stone unturned. And she was right.”

Cody Rhodes Faces The Beast At SummerSlam

Cody Rhodes may be looking to finish his story and capture the one championship his father never did during his own illustrious career but The American Nightmare has a score to settle first at SummerSlam. Rhodes will look to bed his ongoing feud with Brock Lesnar that sees both men hold one win over the other.

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