Cody Rhodes Would “Move Mountains” To Work With AEW Star

cody rhodes wrestlemania 38 return

Cody Rhodes would love to reunite with one AEW star.

During his time in All Elite Wrestling, Cody Rhodes found himself in an alliance with Arn Andrson. The WWE Hall of Famer served as Rhodes’ personal advisor and coach, and made waves when he cut a controversial promo that included a reference to a Glock.

Speaking in an interview with Sam Roberts, Rhodes was asked about Anderson’s infamous promo, and he admitted that he missed working with Anderson. In fact, he said he’d “move mountains” for the chance to reunite with his mentor.

“I miss Arn (Anderson) greatly. I think had I had Arn at WrestleMania, things might have been different (he laughed). He just was a huge positive force for me there and he’s so freakin’ smart about the psychology of a crowd and not enough people go to him. Plenty do, but not enough go to him and say, hey, what about this? Because they don’t want it changed. You don’t have to change it.

“You should at least hear what he’s thinking though. You got your (Steven) Spielbergs and (Francis Ford) Coppolas and your (Martin) Scoreses and all these people, the cinema meme you notice. Arn really is one of those. He did this at the highest level. People rioting over stuff Arn did in the past and here he is getting famous again. Just in a inappropriate way (referring to Arn’s Glock promo).

“But, I love Arn, miss him. I would move a lot of things and move mountains if the opportunity came up for Arn to show up and come to my aid one more time.”

When Does Arn Anderson’s AEW Contract Expire?

Back in December of 2022, Arn Anderson confirmed that he was under contract to All Elite Wrestling for another year and a half.

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