What Really Happened Between CM Punk & Miro At All In

CM Punk

CM Punk and Miro did talk at All In but perhaps not in the way people might have thought.

The CM Punk saga continues in AEW after his backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In which has led to reports that both men are suspended after getting physical with each other. But it seems, things could have got much worse in Wembley Stadium.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that Punk nearly became embroiled in an incident with Miro after his match at All In:

“So apparently there was another near incident when CM Punk came through the curtain, Miro started coming up like ‘What happened with Jack Perry?’ and CM Punk is like ‘So you gotta problem with me now?’ and so they get in an argument and basically it’s like ‘Oh you want to step outside?’ and I don’t know what happened but I do know they didn’t step outside.

“CM Punk ended up back in the trainer’s room but apparently there was an issue with Miro and CM Punk and that’s why Miro has been all over Twitter the last couple of days Tweeting the story that Jack started it was BS and [Tweeting a picture of a cab after Punk apparently got lost on trains on the way from the airport to his hotel] and everything like that.”

What really happened between CM Punk and Miro?

A new report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful explains what he heard went down between Punk and Miro, and it seems the real story is it was just a joke between two friends:

“From one side of things, the Punk side of things, I heard just like… ‘No’. And then from the Miro side of things, which wasn’t Miro directly – who by the way, quote-tweeted WrestlePurists’ aggregation of Punk’s side (of the Perry situation) and said ‘not true’, so very clearly he wasn’t keen on Punk’s side of things – but they had an interaction after Punk’s match.

“It was backstage, either in the trainer’s room or somewhere, and Punk was getting worked on, etc. I don’t know verbatim what was said because I wasn’t there, but to the best of what has been relayed to me, Miro asked how Punk was doing, Punk said something like, ‘Okay unless you want to fight me too’, as like a joke, type of thing. And again, terminology, not that sure of.

“And I believe Miro, also jokingly, apparently, from what I’ve heard, was like, ‘Okay’, Punk said, ‘Well let’s take this outside then’, and Miro said something like, ‘How about we take this… to the ring!’

“And that’s how it was explained to me by sources that lean definitely each way. And they giggled about it, and I guess walked off. But it is two guys who are very clearly willing to fight human beings, and also have been known to make a joke or two.”

Miro will be on the card at All Out in Chicago where he takes on Powerhouse Hobbs but CM Punk’s status for that show does not look good due to his suspension.

h/t WrestleTalk