CM Punk Believed To Be Fined After Recent Adam Page Comments

CM Punk

Rumors continue to swirl about CM Punk and all the things he has done since returning to AEW in June.

Ever since Punk returned to AEW after an eight-month absence, controversy seems to have followed in his wake. From his return promo calling out “counterfeit Bucks” to his issues with the likes of Jack Perry, Punk hasn’t appeared to be one to lower his head and move on from perceived slights.

Although the conversation surrounding Punk looks to have shifted towards his most recent issue with Jack Perry over an alleged physical altercation at AEW All In, there have also been new allegations surrounding a previous situation regarding unscripted comments Punk made about “Hangman” Adam Page.

After the August 12th edition of AEW Collision went off the air, Punk grabbed a microphone and cut a promo in response to a pro-Hangman sign he noticed in the crowd. He used that sign as an opportunity to knock Hangman as a “peg-warmer”, alleging that Hangman failed to move merchandise and his toys stayed unpurchased at various toy stores.

While Punk was said to have apologized for that bit and tried to justify it as saying it was supposed to be comedic, some within AEW haven’t taken it that way. In fact, according to some reports, Punk was even fined for that comment because it was adding more division at a time when the company was trying to move past previous incidents.

CM Punk dealing with onslaught of rumors that are further complicating his situation in AEW

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, CM Punk has been dealing with several inconsistencies surrounding various topics going back weeks now. These conflicting reports stem from competing sources, different sides wanting to get different narratives out there, and various journalists trying to find the truth among it all.

Regarding the Punk/Hangman peg-warmer promo, it was alleged that Punk was fined, but no one that Johnson spoke to was willing to go on record and admit that this was indeed the case.

RUMOR: CM Punk was fined for his recent Hangman Page comments.

REALITY: The belief among those within AEW is this is true, with some believing the fine may have even been in the five figure range. No one has (or will) go on record to confirm.”

There are also additional rumors and competing stories emerging regarding Punk’s travel situation in London, his confrontation with Tony Khan, and an alleged interaction with Miro.

Clearer pictures on these matters will likely emerge in the coming days, so please be sure to check TJR Wrestling for all updates regarding these and other wrestling-related stories.