CM Punk Suspension Changes All Out Creative

CM Punk

The actions of CM Punk and Jack Perry have caused an upcoming AEW pay-per-view to be rewritten.

As reported by Bryan Alvarez and corroborated by Fightful Select, both Punk and Perry have been suspended following the events that took place at AEW All In. Prior to the incident taking place it was extremely likely that Punk was going to be prominently featured at All Out as the event is taking place in his hometown of Chicago. Now with Punk suspended and an investigation ongoing, any plans that Tony Khan had have been scrapped and the show that takes place in less than a week will have to be hastily changed.

It is currently unknown when or if Punk or Perry are set to return to the promotion when the investigation has been concluded. Also with no clear angle taking place at All In, it is not known for sure what Punk’s plans were at the hometown pay-per-view.

Why Has CM Punk Been Suspended?

A physical altercation took place between Punk and Perry shortly before the main All In show was due to go on the air. The altercation itself was confirmed by Tony Khan at the start of the post-show press conference, with Khan stating that it happened, it is being looked into and he would not be taking questions regarding it.

The issue stemmed from Perry vocally referencing that the limo he was escorted into the stadium in had real glass, and implying that anyone who had an issue with that should “cry me a river.” in reference to a previous argument Perry had with Punk. Perry made his way backstage after the match and met with Punk, who was going to have his match next. This was where the altercation took place before the two wrestlers were separated and both eventually left the premises.

Regardless of the result, All In may be the last time that we see Punk inside an AEW ring, as Punk has reportedly stated that he is thinking about quitting following the incident.