Vince McMahon Backstage At March 6th WWE Raw

vince mcmahon wwe

Vince McMahon is backstage at the March 6th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, according to multiple reports.

It has been reported by multiple wrestling website outlets that WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon is backstage at tonight’s Raw in Boston, Massachusetts.

While that sort of news wouldn’t have been newsworthy for the man that ran WWE creatively for four decades, it is news in March 2023 because Vince hasn’t been backstage at a WWE show since he “retired” in late July 2022. That includes some major recent shows like the 30th anniversary of Raw and the Royal Rumble.

When Vince McMahon retired, Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over his job as the man in charge of the WWE creative team. Triple H has also had multiple meetings with WWE talent to assure them that he was running the WWE creative team.

Since McMahon’s return to WWE in early January, his intent has been to try to sell WWE ahead of their next TV deals expiring in October 2024, just as long as they get an offer that they like. If not, maybe WWE won’t be sold. There have been reports that Vince is looking for upwards of $9 billion to sell WWE.

Fightful Select reports that people were saying that Vince “looked different” backstage at Raw. Many talents don’t know why Vince was there, nor were they briefed about it.

The Fightful report also mentioned Vince McMahon is close friends with John Cena, who is appearing on Raw tonight, so at least one talent theorized that’s why Vince could be there. Another person backstage guessed that Vince may not even be around for the start of Raw.

John Cena and McMahon are close friends, which was evident last August when Cena was one of the few people with ties to WWE that was at a Vince McMahon birthday party in New York City.

PWInsider noted that they haven’t heard anything about Vince McMahon being back in WWE running the company in a creative role. On their PWInsider Elite service, they wrote that Vince McMahon is most likely at Raw to visit with John Cena.

Meanwhile, the WRKD Wrestling Twitter account, which has gotten plenty of information correct recently, noted that Vince McMahon is more involved in WWE creatively than most people realize.

We will have more updates as they come in prior to Raw.