Vince McMahon Has Massive Asking Price To Sell WWE

Vince McMahon dancing

A number has been reported in terms of how much Vince McMahon wants to sell WWE while also mentioning potential buyers.

At the start of 2023, Vince McMahon became a part of WWE again after his July 2022 retirement prior to his 77th birthday.

While he is not running WWE from a creative standpoint (that is still Triple H’s job), Vince McMahon is the majority shareholder of WWE that has reportedly been talking to companies about potentially buying WWE.

According to a new report from Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw, Vince McMahon wants around $9 billion for a WWE sale.

The Bloomberg article mentions Endeavor (owners of UFC) and investors in the Middle East and potential buyers. It is believed that WWE has received several offers according to the story.

It is also mentioned in the story that some larger companies may shy away from trying to buy WWE: “Larger strategic buyers, such as Netflix Inc. and Walt Disney Co., may be uneasy taking on a business controlled by McMahon that involves the sometimes messy personal lives of its wrestlers.”

The reason for the potential WWE sale is that the company’s media rights for Raw & Smackdown expire in October 2024, so it is believed that WWE is open to selling the entire company ahead of the media rights deal.

It was just two weeks ago when WWE CEO Nick Khan claimed that the company could be sold within three months.

In last week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported on what some key WWE figures would receive for a sale of about $8 billion.

Vince McMahon $2,552,969,558

Stephanie McMahon $170,842,415

Linda McMahon $50,320,030

Kevin Dunn $24,205,410

Nick Khan $13,837,200

Frank Riddick $10,931,948

Paul Levesque $8,323,822

WWE’s current stock price is at $88.07 as of Friday afternoon and a market cap price of about $6.5 billion.