Triple H Reacts To Elon Musk Wanting To Use “WWE Fighting Style”

Triple H WWE

Triple H is game to provide Elon Musk with some pointers should the Tesla CEO get physical with Mark Zuckerberg.

What started off as some typical social media banter led to an offer for an actual, official fight between the CEOs of Meta Platforms and Tesla, Inc.

Details on whether this is a real contest change on a daily basis, with some observers suggesting that it’s all a gimmick while others, like Dana White, are insisting that it’s genuine.

Elon Musk for his part is known for teasing people online, and made a point of referencing WWE in a recent discussion on this fight.

Like Elon Musk, Triple H knows a thing or two about ‘X’ signs

Late on Sunday, Musk used a clip from WWE’s SummerSlam PLE to suggest that he was going to fight Zuckerberg in a WWE-inspired fighting style.

This news found its way to WWE head of creative Triple H, who responded by saying he’d be more than happy to give Musk some pointers.

The online conversation between Triple H and Elon Musk ended rather inconclusively as Musk replied to Triple H’s tweet with two simple emojis:

Triple H has had a busy 48 hours as he has had to deal with managing SummerSlam, a post-show press conference that saw him divulge that Brock Lesnar went “off script” after his match with Cody Rhodes, dealing with an injured Sonya Deville and the fallout that will have on the Women’s Tag Team Championship situation.