Brock Lesnar-Cody Rhodes SummerSlam Post Match Moment Was Unplanned

brock lesnar cody rhodes summerslam

After a physical match at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar really put over Cody Rhodes in a moment that was not planned.

The second match at SummerSlam in Detroit was the third encounter between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar. Cody won their first match at Backlash in May, Lesnar got the win back at Night of Champions and last night at SummerSlam, they put an end to their four-month storyline.

For much of the match, Lesnar dominated the action with suplexes tossing Cody all around the ring while Cody kept on going out of the ring and Lesnar was throwing him out of the ring as well. Lesnar kept on yelling at Cody to just stop fighting and Cody refused to do that. They used the steel steps and Lesnar sent Cody crashing through the commentary

The finish of the match saw Cody Rhodes actually apply the Kimura Lock that Lesnar has used repeatedly. Lesnar slammed his way out of that. Cody would end up hitting his Cross Rhodes finishing move three times in a row on Lesnar for the pinfall.

After the match, Brock Lesnar shook the hand of Cody Rhodes, then they hugged in the middle of the ring and Lesnar raised Cody’s hand to the crowd. The fans loved it and were cheering loudly at Lesnar’s gesture.

At the SummerSlam press conference after the show, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H said that what Lesnar did post match was Brock’s decision and it was not planned. Triple H would go on to praise Lesnar as a performer.

“Completely unplanned, completely in the moment, and I just, for me, Brock Lesnar is such a unique athlete, human being, all those things, but he really, I don’t believe, gets the credit he deserves at being one of the all-time greats at this.”

“Unbelievable athlete at the highest of levels, UFC at the highest of levels, you could make the argument and would be accurate, greatest combat athlete of all time, but just talking about sports entertainment, just this, my opinion, one of the greatest of all time.”

What Is Next For Brock Lesnar In WWE?

As for Brock Lesnar’s future, the 46-year-old is not retiring imminently or anything like that. It was mentioned on the Wrestling Observer Radio that Lesnar might be on a bit of a break, but he’ll be back soon. There has been Lesnar advertising for Fastlane in October and he usually works Saudi Arabia shows, which would be Crown Jewel on November 4th as well.

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