Trick Williams Shocks Carmelo Hayes In NXT Title Match

Trick Williams NXT

On night two of Halloween Havoc, the NXT Championship was on the line and for Carmelo Hayes, it was a night to forget thanks to Trick Williams.

Carmelo Hayes earned his way to another shot at the NXT Championship on the 17th of October when he defeated Baron Corbin and Dijak in a number one contender’s bout. However, that match was set to be a four-way after Trick Williams was added to the mix, something that looked to cause his long-time friend Hayes some concern.

Williams did not make it to the match, however, as he was the victim of a backstage assault which meant he could not compete. With the referees checking on Williams in the back, Hayes was quickly on the scene to check on his friend but many suspected that it was Hayes who was behind the assault.

Trick Williams Cost Carmelo Hayes The NXT Title

On night two of Halloween Havoc, Carmelo Hayes got his chance to reclaim the NXT Championship against Dragunov and looked set to do so as he set up his opponent for his Nothing But Net finisher. Before he could dive off the top rope, Trick Williams’ music hit and he made his way out to the arena which distracted Hayes allowing Dragunov to hit Torpedo Moscow for the win.

Trick Williams then got in the ring and looked to confront Hayes but before anything happened, the camera cut backstage where Baron Corbin was attacking Ilja Dragunov before the show went off the air.