Baron Corbin Says WWE Scrapped Tag Team Plans With Top Star

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Baron Corbin has been through a lot of changes in his WWE career, including a time when the company canceled plans for him to form a tag team.

As a WWE veteran with 11 years of experience in the system, Baron Corbin knows what it takes to be a WWE Superstar. Since he joined the main roster in 2016, Corbin has gone through a lot, usually as a heel.

The reason Corbin is a heel in WWE is because he’s really good at being the bad guy. There was a time when he was “Sad Corbin” where he could have turned into a babyface, but then he became rich again to become “Happy Corbin,” which meant he was back in jerk mode.

There have been other times when Corbin was the Lone Wolf and he was also King Corbin since he was the King of the Ring winner. At one point, he was the “Constable of Raw” meaning he was an authority figure on Raw. He also had an ally in Madcap Moss for several months until that fell apart and they had a feud. There was also the failed experiment with JBL as his manager, but he less said about that mess, the better.

These days, Corbin is a top heel on the NXT brand who is trying to impart wisdom to younger talents while also being a bit of a bully at times. Corbin lost a triple threat match to Carmelo Hayes & Dijak on the October 17th episode of NXT for a shot at the NXT Title. Even though he lost, Corbin made it clear this week that he’s still coming for NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov.

Baron Corbin nearly became a tag team with Kevin Owens

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Baron Corbin revealed there was a plan for him to team with top WWE star and former Universal Champion Kevin Owens, but that ended up changing.

“There’s been a few times where there’s that moment and it’s like, ‘But how do we capitalize?’ and then, you know, things change. I don’t know, somebody gets hurt, I’ve had moments where we’re supposed to have a match with somebody that’s gonna lead [to something] and you know, they get dinged up and they gotta — we got to go this way now. It kind of hurts that flow, but that’s the nature of the business. That’s the nature of the beast.”

“They’ve got a lot of really talented writers that write these shows and maybe it’s some idea that they think is better than what they had [and] we go with that. Maybe it doesn’t work. Maybe it does. It’s just random.”

“I mean Sad Corbin was random. I think we could have ran that for another six months. Kevin Owens and I had a really awesome pitch to run as a tag team with Sad Corbin and they were like, ‘We love it. We love it. We did it for like two weeks, and then Kevin had to go a different direction. It was turning me babyface. I think Vince didn’t want to go that route yet with me. So that’s why we shifted gears and switched to Happy Corbinn winning all my money in the casino after SummerSlam.”

If you’re wondering about the timeline, it was in the summer of 2021. SummerSlam was in Las Vegas that year, so they did the story that Corbin won a lot of money at the casino and ended up overcoming his “Sad Corbin” life.

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