Vince McMahon Hangover Still Working Against NXT Stars In WWE

Vince McMahon

Dave Meltzer thinks one directive from Vince McMahon’s time in charge of WWE could hinder several NXT stars on the main roster.

Vince McMahon might be the Executive Chairman of TKO Group but he is no longer in day-to-day charge of WWE with Triple H making the key creative decisions that play out on-screen. As a result, former NXT stars have come into play with the likes of Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Ricochet, and Bronson Reed finding themselves with more screen time, but there could still be something holding back some newer NXT talent on the main roster.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the chances of several NXT stars making it on the main roster and thinks a hangover from the Vince McMahon era could still work against some of the smaller talents:

“The other thing too is again the size, like guys that size. Not that they never get over or not get a chance. But it’s much easier if you’re shorter to be a star in NXT than it is on Raw or Smackdown. Even with Vince gone, because, you know, you still have the situation where you’re in there with a lot of bigger guys.

“I think that Dragunov is so fantastic, he’ll overcome it, although I’ve been wrong on people on that one too. So I don’t think, I would not say it’s a lot, but I think that it probably would happen. And he’s the same way in the sense but Hayes is ready, you can do the talk. He’s got charisma. Obviously, Tyler Bate is ready, but at the same time, I don’t think Tyler Bate can ever get a big push on the main roster. Noam Dar, the same, maybe someday, who knows?”

Can NXT stars still make it on WWE’s main roster now Vince McMahon is not running the company?

Meltzer then discussed the future in WWE of Bron Breakker and said he thinks he’ll be a success on the main roster and suggests Dragon Lee’s move is evidence of more movement between NXT and the main roster:

“Bron is one of those guys who they will push. He’s got the size, he’s got the body. He’s got the great, great athletic ability, the explosiveness. And he’s been in NXT and has been champion, it’s kind of like, they’re probably not gonna put the title back on him although he did do the promo of if Carmelo wins, it’s gonna be me and you again, but it’s kind of like he’s done everything in NXT he can do I think.

“They did the heel turn with him and he’s had time doing that. But, I mean, not like it’s any rush, but he’s ready.

“Dragon Lee obviously was touch and go. I know that Dragon Lee was hoping by April next year that he would be on the main roster, and obviously, he beat that by about six months, basically. So he’s full-time doing well there so we’re seeing more of that migration.”

There could be more migration to the main roster on Monday Night Raw with two NXT stars answering an open challenge to kick off what is believed to be their official call-up.

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