Triple H To Continue Making Changes With Vince McMahon Gone From Creative

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Triple H is looking to establish the importance of in-ring action on Raw with Vince McMahon removed from WWE creative.

On October 9th it was reported that Vince McMahon no longer had creative influence over WWE programming. This was followed by a further report which noted that the change had come directly from Endeavor boss Ari Emanuel. The changes mean that Triple H is fully leading creative.

Since returning to WWE in January, McMahon had been making changes to programming largely remotely although he ran the Raw after WrestleMania from the gorilla position.

With McMahon taking an enforced step back, WWE Raw in recent weeks has seen several changes with stars returning to action, improved utilisation of the women’s division, and a greater emphasis on the matches taking place.

It’s now been reported via Fightful Select that these changes are set to continue.

Fightful quoted WWE sources who said the changes seemed to happen “overnight.” Although McMahon didn’t interact directly with creative, his influence was certainly felt, especially in regard to who featured on television.

One source added that recent matches such as the clash between Gunther and Bronson Reed were an important part of establishing the importance of the in-ring action. Furthermore, one writer said that although McMahon’s changes had been minimal the adjustments have “freshened things up.”

A writer was quoted as saying:

“well, I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t in the weeds, but in a way, he just sprayed roundup on the weeds and checked in on them every so often.”

Vince McMahon To Have Limited Impact On New Documentary

As Vince McMahon’s influence on WWE television decreased, it’s also come to light that he won’t have the final say on the content of a new documentary. The highly-anticipated project is due to come to Netflix and its executive producer Bill Simmons has now revealed that McMahon won’t have a say on the final cut. Simmons added that McMahon will likely get to “look at clips” of the film before its release.