Tony Khan Has “So Much Respect” For Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone

Although he didn’t give away whether she’ll be appearing at Forbidden Door, Tony Khan has sung the praises of Mercedes Mone.

It was one of the recent worst-kept secrets in professional wrestling when Mercedes Mone made her debut at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom back in January. She went on to defeat KAIRI for the IWGP Women’s Championship in her first match, and with the announcement of the second Forbidden Door many expect that she will be part of the event.

One man who would seemingly know how likely that was is AEW head honcho Tony Khan, and in a discussion about the event he was asked about Mone’s comment that she is waiting for the call for the event.

It’s a very encouraging thing to hear. I have so much respect for Mercedes. I think she’s such a great pro wrestler and certainly one of the best in the world. Any wrestling company in the world, including AEW, is fortunate to have Mercedes. Currently, she is the world champion for our partner NJPW and I think she’s a great champion for them.

Continuing on, Tony Khan described the possibility of Mercedes Mone appearing at Forbidden Door as “very interesting”.

I’m glad she brought up Forbidden Door as it’s going to be an exciting event. Certainly the shadow of Mercedes is looming large in NJPW right now. When AEW and NJPW clash at Forbidden Door, it will be very interesting to see what happens. She’s certainly one of their top stars and it makes for a very interesting situation going into Forbidden Door.

Over recent weeks Mercedes Mone has been talking up plenty of potential opponents including Mickie James, as well as stating that she’s “not done” with Bayley.

With thanks to The Wrestling Observer for the transcription.