Mercedes Moné Wants To Wrestle Mickie James

mercedes mone mickie james bayley

Mercedes Moné is looking for the next challenge and wants the opportunity to retire Mickie James.

After winning the IWGP Women’s Championship in her first match since leaving WWE, Mercedes Mone is ready to achieve further success and step into the ring with the best women’s wrestlers.

Mone has named one of her “legit idols” as a dream opponent and wants to end her career.

Appearing at Planet ComicCon, the star of the Disney + Star Wars series The Mandalorian was asked her thoughts about a match with the current Impact Knockout’s Champion Mickie James.

Mercedes Mone told the host, AEW’s Leva Bates, that James is someone she greatly admires and is waiting for the opportunity to face off and “send her back to that rodeo.”

“(Mickie is) waiting for the bag, I’m waiting for Mickie James. Absolutely do I want to wrestle Mickie James. Mickie James is one of my legit idols.”

“I definitely believe in 2023 that I can definitely make that dream come true. I definitely would love to face Mickie James and retire her a**; send her back to that rodeo and ride that horse. Bye Mickie.”

Mercedes Mone discussed how the storyline between Mickie James and Trish Stratus inspired her and when James returned to WWE, her disappointment in not having a singles match.

Mone also explained the changes she has had to make since leaving WWE, as attending fans were given the opportunity to hear from the former Sasha Banks.

Whilst a dream match between the Champions of IWGP and Impact could be on the cards, it appears Mone will have her hands full defending the newly won Belt.

James has been sharing her thoughts on the return to action of Trish Stratus and Lita, as the pair team with Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 39 to take on Damage CTRL, led by Mone’s former Tag Team partner Bayley.

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