The Miz Praised By WWE Hall Of Famer For Ability To “Carry A Segment”

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Road Dogg is a big admirer of The Miz’s versatility.

If a mid-card storyline is taking place on Monday Night Raw, there is a good chance that a Miz TV segment will feature at some point. The former World Champion is fast approaching two decades in WWE, coming a long way from the runner-up of Tough Enough who was infamously kicked out of the locker room shortly after his arrival.

Road Rogg would praise how The A-Lister was able to adapt to any segment he was given and would always get involved with creative on the Oh You Didn’t Know podcast:

“He doesn’t do what you say. He collaborates with you. He will say no … he was very hands-on when he was on my roster at SmackDown (and I say ‘my roster’ and that sounds horrible) – when he was on the WWE’s roster at SmackDown … Miz ain’t even in the story, but he could still carry a segment. He’s a jack of all trades and a master of all of them, actually.”

The Miz Has No Plans To Retire:

Having accomplished virtually all there is to accomplish in the company and winning every championship at least twice, many wouldn’t blame the Raw star for thinking about winding down his in-ring career. For the host of Miz TV, this won’t be happening anytime soon. The former Intercontinental Champion has stated that he has no plans of slowing down, feeling as though he has just reached his prime.

H/t to Inside The Ropes