The Miz Says He Isn’t Slowing Down – “I Feel Like I’m In My Prime”

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The Miz has been wrestling for almost twenty full years and doesn’t feel like he’s going to change his schedule or retire anytime soon.

The Miz will celebrate the official 20-year anniversary of his debut as a professional wrestler on August 3rd of this year. And at 42 years old, he is quickly approaching an age when many wrestlers opt to retire, or at least slow down, given the ravages of time and the accumulation of injuries that most of them sustain throughout their careers.

But The Miz doesn’t see himself like most of those other wrestlers. In fact, he feels to good that, despite splitting so much of his time between being in the ring and doing PR appearances, he still feels like he’s in his physical prime, as per a recent interview he did on Busted Open Radio.

“Whenever my body tells me I need to start slowing down, but right now I feel like I’m still in my prime. I feel like I’m putting together matches that are main-event caliber.

I feel like I’m bringing out new things, things that people haven’t seen before. I feel like the youth movement in WWE, the younger crowd that’s coming in, is revitalizing me and making me want to be faster, be better, do better.’

Miz’s most recent match took place on this week’s episode of RAW when he beat Tommaso Ciampa in a No Disqualification match.

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