The Miz Declares “I’m A Winner” After First Victory Of 2023

The Miz

The Miz might have only won one match in 2023 but that was enough for the former WWE Champion to declare himself a winner despite receiving a lot of help.

Success has been hard to come by for The Miz in recent times in WWE and his past recently came back to haunt him when his former associate Tommaso Ciampa returned to WWE following an injury with his sights set on his old friend.

Ciampa picked up a win over The Miz when he returned to Raw back in June but now a No Disqualification match between the two men on Raw in Buffalo, New York has thrown up a different result.

Tommaso Ciampa looked to have the match won when he drove The Miz through a table in the middle of the ring but Bronson Reed had other ideas. Reed took Ciampa out, nailing him with the Tsunami which allowed The Miz to pick up his first victory in 2023.

Appearing on WWE Raw Talk, The Miz celebrated his first win of 2023 in typically brash style as he explained to Byron Saxton just how awesome he is:

“I’m a winner, do you hear me? Does everybody in the locker room, everybody in the arena hear me? I. AM. A WINNER! You could do anything, Byron, a-ny-thing. I got the best version of Ciampa. I gave him the best version of me, and who came out on top? Me, because I am a winner.

“I went through a table. I went through chairs, barricade after barricade after barricade. Look at my back. Get a close-up. Bumps, bruises, bleeding, it doesn’t matter. I am the toughest man in WWE. Maybe Ciampa was right. Maybe he needed to light a spark under me, and that’s exactly what happened. So everybody in the WWE, this is an announcement: I am a winner, and I am back. Now, I’m going golfing.

“Do you golf, Byron? No, no, you don’t. Because you’re not cool, you don’t get to celebrate your wins like I do. Because I’m The Miz, and I’m awesome.”

h/t WrestleZone