The Miz Recalls When He First Saw “Hate Me Now” WrestleMania 27 Video

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The Miz has revealed when he first saw the memorable WrestleMania 27 video package leading into his WWE Title defense against John Cena.

During his nearly 20-year career in WWE, The Miz is a guy that literally started at the bottom and built a Hall of Fame resume for himself. Early in his career, he wasn’t allowed to dress in the locker room for several months, but that didn’t deter him. The Miz kept working hard, won Tag Team Titles, the US Title, and eventually the WWE Title in November 2010.

Going into WrestleMania 27 in 2011, a lot of attention was on the fact that The Rock was the host of WrestleMania 27. There was a lot of trash talk between The Rock and John Cena, who was the challenger for the WWE Title held by The Miz. It almost made The Miz feel like an afterthought going into the match.

Prior to his entrance at Wrestlemania 27, WWE aired a “Hate Me Now” video package showing The Miz’s evil ways on his rise to the top of WWE. “Hate Me Now” is a popular rap song by Nas with Puff Daddy a part of it as well. It was fitting for The Miz at the time.

In an interview with Adrian Hernandez, The Miz revealed that the first time he saw that spectacular video was right before he made his entrance that night.

“When you saw it (is when I first saw the ‘Hate Me Now’ video package). I swear, I’m standing, getting ready to go out. I think my music’s gonna hit and all of a sudden, this amazing video plays and I go, ‘Oh my gosh’ and then my music hit and I went, wait, I gotta perform after that? That was amazing, that was incredible. I didn’t even know that was happening.”

“That’s the incredible part and everyone’s like, ‘Oh my God. How’d you not know?’ It’s like, ‘I don’t know how I didn’t know. No one told me.’ It was so busy that day that it’s just, I was doing this, I was doing media, I was getting ready, my brain prepared for the match and then once you see that video, you go, oh wow and then your music hits and you go, oh wow. Alright.”

As for the WrestleMania 27 match between Miz and Cena, it was a win for The Miz thanks to The Rock attacking John Cena to set up their WrestleMania 28 match. The Miz was actually concussed during the match as well. While it is hardly remembered as a WrestleMania classic, it was still the biggest win of The Miz’s career.

If you haven’t seen the “Hate Me Now” video package or want to see it again, check it out below.

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