Rob Van Dam Recalls First Impressions Of Paul Heyman

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WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam burst onto the scene during his time in ECW and has been discussing how he “learned to appreciate and respect” his former boss Paul Heyman “for who he is”.

Rob Van Dam signed for ECW in 1996 and over the following five years became one of the company’s time legends.

In 1998 RVD started what would become the longest reign ever of the ECW World Television Championship, which showed how much faith Paul Heyman had in The Whole F’n Show, but now the former WWE Champion has opened up on his first thoughts on Heyman.

Mr. Monday Night was discussing his career with Denise Salcedo and shared what he felt were the strengths of Heyman, how his tag team partner Sabu convinced him to have trust in the ECW boss, but that during his time working for Heyman that he had to chase up his pay.

”Well, Paul was…I had Sabu to warn me and give me his feedback and impressions of Paul. I’m sure he told me like how to trust him or not trust him what he’s saying or whatever,”

“but Sabu liked him and that was important. I just thought he was always good at pulling out strengths and hiding weaknesses. And I also learned, he was willing to say whatever to get through the moment, even if, later on, that was…even if reality wasn’t connected to it, you know what I mean?’

“I learned right away. If you promise me a check, and then I said, ‘Hey, where’s my check?’ He’d be like, ‘It’s waiting for you at home, when you get home.’ I got used to that kind of thing. [I’d be like] ‘Well, you said you were gonna hand it to me.’ [He’d go] ‘What’s the difference? You won’t even get home till Tuesday,’ I just learned to appreciate and respect him for who he is.”

Rob Van Dam Signed With AEW For The Bucks Whilst Paul Heyman Batters Up

RVD recently joined AEW and competed against Jack Perry and next might have to call out two of the company’s executive vice presidents.

The Hall of Famer recently addressed questions over alleged heat between him and The Young Bucks that started when the tag team was in WWE for a tryout.

Rob Van Dam feels that there is no longer any heat between them, but it could lead to an entertaining feud should he find himself tackling some of AEW’s Elite over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile his former ECW boss Paul Heyman has fired back at criticism by another WWE Hall of Famer who had questioned Heyman describing the current Bloodline storyline entering its “third-inning”.

After seeing an article online discussing Kurt Angle’s take on Heyman’s description, The Wise Man came out swinging on social media.

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