Paul Heyman On The Bloodline Story – “We Haven’t Even Hit Our Stride Yet”

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The Bloodline storyline has been going on for three years, but in the opinion of the legendary Paul Heyman, it’s still early in the process.

In the main event of SummerSlam on Saturday night, Roman Reigns defended the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against his cousin and the former “Right Hand Man” Jey Uso, who had been loyal to Reigns for most of the last three years.

It was a match that lasted over 30 minutes and it looked like Jey might win when he hit an Uso Splash. When Jey made the cover, he was pulled out of the ring by somebody in a hoodie. It was his own brother Jimmy Uso making his return after being taken out several weeks back by Reigns and Solo Sikoa (The Usos’ younger brother). Jimmy superkicked Jey and left. Reigns finished off Jey with a Spear through a table for the pinfall win.

Paul Heyman is the Special Counsel for Roman Reigns known as the “Wise Man” that offers advice and speaks on behalf of the “Tribal Chief” Reigns all the time.

At the post-SummerSlam press conference, Paul Heyman was asked about where we are in The Bloodline story. Heyman said “bottom of the third.” If you don’t watch baseball, the games last nine innings, so Heyman’s comment would mean that we are still in the early stages of this storyline that is three years into it.

Paul Heyman Claims “We Are Just Figuring This Out”

As he continued at the press conference, Paul Heyman made it clear that there’s a lot more coming with this storyline.

“We’re just figuring this stuff out. We haven’t even hit our stride yet. If you want to take the arrogant approach, I’m sure Paul Levesque will tell you all the box office records that have been smashed. Every Friday night when we show up at SmackDown, we’re always told, ‘this is the largest gate of this and the largest gate of that.’ ‘This is the largest premium live event.’ ‘This is the largest WrestleMania.'”

“Okay, we can sit there and point to what clearly drove all this, and it’s the Bloodline, and when I say the Bloodline, I mean the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. We’re just figuring this out. There is so much more to learn. There is so much more for us to grasp. There is so much more for us to master. It’s a craft, and it’s an evolving craft. It’s an ever-evolving form of entertainment, and if you sit there and you think, ‘we got this, this is it, we’re cruising to WrestleMania,’ we’re going to be replaced, and we should be.”

“If you don’t come at this with the greatest ambitions to be much better tomorrow than you are today and much better two days from now, then you’re not here to be the greatest of all time. That’s what Roman Reigns wants to be and is determined to be. That’s the only reason why I agreed to have life after Lesnar. How could I have ever topped the run I had with Lesnar? Roman Reigns because he’s that ambitious because he wants it that badly. What inning are we in? Bottom of the third. Wait until you see what we have in the fourth.”

What Heyman said there is obviously very interesting especially considering there was a report from a WWE higher up saying that the Reigns title reign will end whenever Roman and Heyman want it to end.

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