Rob Van Dam Reflects On Calling The Young Bucks “High Schoolers”

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Rob Van Dam recalls his first time meeting with The Young Bucks.

Prior to The Jackson Brothers becoming Executive Vice Presidents in AEW, the future tag team champions were trying to get their foot in the door in WWE. Often used as enhancement talent, The Bucks once parodied DX in a segment where they were later beaten up by The Miz and John Morrison.

With locker room etiquette being that any new talent must introduce themselves to the locker room, RVD recalled how Matt and Nick Jackson did not follow the unwritten rules while speaking on his One of a Kind podcast.

The Hall of Famer first reminded the audience of what the locker room rules were back in the day:

“I said something about when they walked by me, I guess in WWE, how they didn’t introduce themselves, which to old school rules, that was, I don’t want to call it a commandment. I guess it is actually, you know, it’s one of the biblical commandments of the dressing room, especially when you’re new. You’re supposed to introduce yourself a certain way, protocol, just like the fu**ing mafia. A made man cannot introduce himself to another made man. A made man has to be introduced by someone else in the middle, and we had our protocols too.

Continuing to discuss the first-time encounter, Van Dam remembered that he did say something about The Young Bucks that could be considered insulting:

Anyway, I just pointed that out, you know, they didn’t shake my hand or whatever. But I also did throw in something that could be taken as an insult, which I didn’t own up to at first because I was like, all I said was they didn’t shake my hand. But I did say something about them looking like two high schoolers, so that was something that was provoking, you know, looking back at it. I don’t think I even realized it when I said it, or maybe I did, but either way.

Rob Van Dam Meets With The Young Bucks Again In AEW

With both Rob Van Dam and The Bucks forging separate legacies, they would find themselves in the same arena once again in 2023 as The Whole F’n Show made his debut for All Elite Wrestling. Following the debut match against Jack Perry, RVD has reflected on his performance in the encounter.

Being a WWE Hall of Famer, RVD has also hinted that he may have needed to get permission to make the appearance in the rival promotion.

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