Rob Van Dam Reacts To His AEW Debut Match On Dynamite

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Rob Van Dam has shared his thoughts on how his AEW Dynamite debut match went and what he was told by Tony Khan.

This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, Jack Perry defended the FTW Championship against WWE Hall of Famr Rob Van Dam, who was making his in-ring debut for the company just one week after making a surprise appearance to set up this match.

It was a competitive match with RVD doing a lot of familiar moves that wrestling fans know well from watching the 52-year-old high-flier over the last 30 years. However, Perry got the win after doing a low blow (legal in an FTW Rules Match), Perry sent RVD head first into a chair and then Perry did a rollup with a tights grab for the pinfall win.

While speaking to AEW’s cameras after the match, Rob Van Dam shared how he felt about the match.

“Well, it felt pretty awesome going tonight, I gotta say. I count on the fans’ positive energy that they bring. I rely on connecting with them, but I’m still overwhelmed when they all have RVD signs and they’re all in unison chanting for me. It always exceeds my expectation. When that moment is real and I’m connected to them, it’s nothing but love. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe.”

Rob Van Dam Reveals What Tony Khan Told Him

RVD also spoke about his AEW debut on his 1 Of A Kind podcast where he teased the possibility of wrestling again in AEW while also revealing how AEW’s boss Tony Khan felt about the match.

“Well, was it talked about between me and Tony [Khan] about me coming back? Yeah. The details of that conversation? We’ll have to wait and see.”

“He was very thankful. Very thankful. He loved the match. He said, it was awesome and it was awesome having me there.”

At this point, nothing else has been advertised with RVD appearing in AEW again, but considering how good he looked in that match, perhaps RVD will be All Elite again soon.

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