Rhino On What It Was Like Getting Hired By ECW

Rhino rhyno in ECW

Paul Heyman’s shock for agreeing with Jim Cornette helped secure Rhino an ECW contract.

In February 1999 the master of the “Gore” debuted in ECW under the ring name Rhino Richards. The future WWE Superstar worked closely with Steve Corino and Don Callis as part of a group called The Network.

Over the following year and a half, Rhino became one of the biggest names in ECW, with feuds against fan favorites The Sandman and Rob Van Dam before securing the ECW World Television Championship.

Following the purchase of ECW by Vince McMahon, Rhino signed with WWE and was part of the 2001 Invasion storyline, becoming a household name.

The former ECW World Heavyweight Champion appeared as a guest on The Kurt Angle Show to discuss his career so far and shared the moment Paul Heyman offered him a job.

Rhino shared how mentioning Jim Cornette caused the ECW boss shock as Heyman realized he agreed with Cornette by recognizing Rhino’s in-ring talent.

“He just saw something in me, you know? I mean, Paul Heyman has a great mind for wrestling. And Jim Cornette, I’ll tell you a quick story. Paul, when he hired me, it was a Detroit show. I went and worked out in Grand Rapids. Lansing the next day, there were no workouts.

Then in Detroit there were workouts, and I was the only one there to work out with someone else. So anyways, he goes, ‘Wait until after the show. I want to talk to you.’

So after the show they did all their pre-tapes, and then he talked to me. It was like 3:00 in the morning and he said, ‘Did you ever try going to WWF or WCW?’ And I said, ‘Jim Cornette got me a dark match. He really likes my work and nothing came of it. And then, just keep in touch.’ And Paul looked off to the side and he goes, ‘Huh, we agree on something.’ And then like, he spaced out.

“And then he joined back in the conversation we were having. He’s like, ‘You’re hired, this and that.’ And then I asked Pee Wee, the referee, I go, ‘What did he mean by that?’ It was just so odd. It stuck out. And he goes, ‘Oh, him and Cornette, they hate each other.’ And I never knew that.

So, you know. It was the oddest thing because he just stopped. He goes, ‘Huh, we agree on something.’ And then he looked right back at me, and I’m like, That was odd, you know? And, anyways, I think they have mutual respect as far as their love and passion for business. They just have a different look on it and you know, how it should be presented.

But no, it was so funny how he said that. And out of the whole conversation, I remember, ‘Do you want a job?’ and that. And anything other than that? I don’t remember too much. And it was 3:00 in the morning, so.”

Rhino Continues To Make Impact In Wrestling

Following a hugely successful time in WWE, Rhino has continued to work closely with Heath Slater as the former SmackDown Tag Team Champs have secured further Championships.

Rhino has been working for Impact Wrestling, in both tag team and singles action, as the “gore” continues to finish off opponents.

With Impact heading to Chicago and the UK in October, Rhino could be set to feud with Steve Maclin as the pair are set to face off in the Feast or Fired Battle Royale at the company’s 1000th episode this week.

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