Mojo Rawley Reveals Rob Gronkowski WWE Storyline That Was Planned In 2020

mojo rawley rob gronkowski

Mojo Rawley has shared details of a storyline that WWE had planned for him and NFL legend Rob Gronkowski in 2020.

In early 2020, future NFL Hall of Fame Tight End Rob Gronkowski was retired from the National Football League and ready to move on to his next career after signing a deal with WWE. Gronk would go on to become the host of WrestleMania 36, which was a taped show at the WWE Performance Centre because several weeks before that event, the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was about three months after he started in WWE when Gronk’s run in the company ended because he returned to the NFL to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who had signed his good friend and fellow future Hall of Famer, Tom Brady. Gronkowski and Brady were Super Bowl Champions together with the New England Patriots. It was a smart move for Gronk since he made $10 million for that season and won another Super Bowl with the Bucs.

Ever since Gronk first started working with WWE going back to WrestleMania 33 in 2017 in Orlando, he was often associated with his good friend, former WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley (Dean Muhtadi). In fact, it was Mojo who ended Gronk’s two-month run holding the (now retired) 24/7 Title in June 2020.

During a recent interview with Steve Fall’s Ten Count for WrestlingNewsCo, former WWE superstar Mojo Rawley revealed that WWE planned to put Mojo in a tag team with Gronk.

“Rob was hanging it up from football. The plan was to do a tag match with me and him at SummerSlam because it was in Boston that year. I think we were going to work with Miz and John Morrison. They were throwing around some names. There was, you know, potentially The Revival we were talking about. Obviously, it’s their call so they were going to do what they think. Any one of those guys would have made that match an incredible match and Rob was ready to come in and work.”

“But yeah, he came in, he signed the contract. From Boston, I think I was going to turn on him and then we were going to have the one-on-one, no DQ match in Saudi Arabia where my dad’s whole side of the family lives, was kind of like the storyline. After I turn on him, you beat the crap out of me in my hometown in front of my family. I’m gonna do the same to you in Saudi at one of these big matches, and I thought that was gonna be dope.”

The former Mojo Rawley would go on to talk about how he believed Gronk would have trained hard for his big matches in WWE.

“He would have had enough time to come in and train like, you know, Bad Bunny and Logan Paul, guys that train every single day in the ring for three, four or five weeks, you know, and they’re training for one match. They’re not training for a different match every night. So when you’re training for one match, you can get anybody there to go in and kill it with enough training if they have a good athletic pedigree, which of course Gronk has.”

As he continued, Rawley said that the plan changed after he got the call about Brady going back to the NFL and the Bucs wanting to sign Gronkowski as well.

“That was the plan, but then I was sitting with him in his trailer before a SmackDown when Brady and Drew Rosenhaus called him and told him that (Tom) Brady was, you know, gonna go to the Bucs. Rob had, I believe 10 million or more on the table to go back for one season left on his contract and it was just like, it was a no brainer to come back. He was feeling good. He’s feeling fresh. Go back for one last run. Of course, they won a Super Bowl, so he made the right decision. I can’t knock him for that.”

After Gronkowski decided to go back to the NFL, Mojo Rawley said there was a plan for him to be used more, but then things changed due to Rawley having COVID.

“I believe they were talking about maybe me, Cesaro, and Shinsuke (Nakamura) doing a new League of Nations kind of thing with me playing on the Arab background and I believe that ran right into when I got COVID really bad and had to stop wrestling.”

During the interview, the recently married Rawley also talked about starting a business called Paragon Talent Group that represents wrestlers.

Thanks to WrestlingNewsCo for the transcript.