Matt Riddle Attracting A Lot Of Interest; Non-Compete Extends Beyond Wrestling

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Matt Riddle’s next move will have to remain on ice for the time being.

Riddle was released by WWE on September 22nd, following an incident at JFK airport days earlier. Riddle had alleged he was sexually assaulted by a Port Authority officer on social media, before later deleting the post.

An investigation was immediately launched, with the star appearing intoxicated in footage that emerged online.

With Riddle gone from WWE, he was immediately linked with a move to AEW or back to the MMA where he had previously found success.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reiterated that there’s been a great deal of interest in Riddle across wrestling, MMA, and boxing, although nothing can be announced until December. This is because Riddle’s non-compete clause extends outside of wrestling.

“Regarding Matt Riddle, his people have already been in talks with a number of pro wrestling, MMA and boxing companies regarding working there. The only two that have come out are PFL and Bare Knuckle Boxing. Nothing can be announced until December when his non-compete ends, and yes, his non-compete does extend to MMA and boxing.”

Why Was Matt Riddle Released By WWE?

Despite the incident at JFK airport, Riddle isn’t the first WWE Superstar to find themselves wrapped up in some kind of legal controversy. However, for Riddle, such controversy has proven to never be far away in recent years.

Following Matt Riddle’s release, a WWE higher-up was quoted as saying the star had burned through too many chances, and the company had essentially run out of patience.