Matt Riddle Being Discussed For Fight With Jake Paul

Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle could be on course to fight a high-profile opponent following his WWE release.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, “several promotions” are interested in working with The Original Bro in the future, both from the pro wrestling and mixed martial arts world. It has also been confirmed that there have been “very preliminary” discussions for Riddle to potentially fight social media star and boxer Jake Paul in the future.

If the match were to go ahead, it would be interesting to see what type of fight Riddle and Paul were to have. It is stated that if it is a straightforward boxing match then Paul would likely win and his opponent “would be doing it for a payday.” However, if Paul decided to compete against Riddle in MMA rules the matchup would not be as one-sided.

Due to the circumstances of the former United States Champion’s release, this will be heavily considered if a promotion is considering signing Riddle to a deal. Riddle will become a free agent on December 20th.

In his last appearances on Raw, Riddle was seen in the early stages of a partnership with Drew McIntyre. Following his departure from the company a new report has revealed a strange name that was pitched for the team of Riddle and McIntyre.

Footage Surfaces Of Matt Riddle Prior To His WWE Release

Following multiple incidents while signed with the company, the final straw for Riddle came when it was reported that the former Tag Team Champion was seen being drunk and disordered while at an airport. Footage of the incident was leaked to TMZ, where eyewitnesses stated that the former WWE star was being “loud and rude.”